Keepsake Memory Time Capsule



A keepsake memory capsule is a grand approach to venerate the birth of a child or a new wedding;
it is something that evokes powerful feelings of memories and remembrance.

Treasuring memories and mementos of a child's early days or a newly weds days before and after marriage.
In forthcoming years the child who is now an adult or newly weds who are reaching their wedding anniversary
would be able to unpack the contents of the capsule and take in the bliss visualisation of
elapsed treasures of what was stored in the capsule with love ones by their side.

Our award winning capsules are designed and created to show the love and thought put into each capsule
for that special someone. Imagine the delight your child would have in reading letters written several years ago, or reminiscing over
mementos which were collected several years or a decade ago for him or her, and newly weds imagine the delight of
opening up your capsule and discovering what was stored in it 1year, 5years or even 25 yrs ago.

Baby2Toddler Capsule is a great baby shower or christening gift for
Expecting Parents, New Parents, Parents with young children

Wedding Time Capsule is a great gift for
Engaged Couples or Newly Weds.

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